Sell The Location As Well As The Property With Elevated Photography.

Elevated Photography makes a really big difference to the look, feel and view of the home.  The beauty of Elevated Photography is that it is quick and cost-effective. Nearly every property can benefit from Elevated Photography.


From just $25.00 per Image!

Win more listings, sell properties faster,  maintain your brands reputation of excellence and save money.


Elevate Your Listings With A High End Service.

Elevated photography can offer an eye-catching perspective which adds value to your listing, and attracts more buyers. By raising our camera, we can unlock and capture a fantastic perspective that really shows your property off, and it’s value-adding features.


Rise Above The Ordinary With Elevated Photography.

Often, to truly appreciate the uniqueness or scale of a property, it just has to be viewed from above. Luckily, our photographers aren’t afraid of heights. Elevated photography from a portable 34ft mast allows us to show the full extent of a property, its proximity to the green belt or other value-adding landmarks as well as potential views from a second storey extension.

*Elevated shot limitations. No pole system can be raised immediately near power lines, and a safe distance (i.e. Greater than 20ft) must always be maintained. Being vehicle mounted, there must be suitable access, and parking available where shots are to be taken from. No pole system can be raised in very strong winds. This service is at the photographers discretion. Not all properties suit elevated photography.


Let's Work Together To Get Clients Through The Door.

Not only do we offer the highest quality photography in the simplest, most convenient way, but Snaplash finds success by giving you digital products to help you sell your listings. That’s why we are trusted by the top sales people in the Treasure Valley. Snaplash provides all the tools so you can capture more business, win more clients, and sell more properties while promoting your business!

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